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How it all started…

From the day we got married in 1979 we have always dreamed of having a small farm and getting back to the land. We both grew up on small farms raising animals and crops. Bob from Sesser here in southern Illinois and me from Ft. Meade in central Florida. We use to buy Mother Earth News and dream about what we wanted to do, of course being in the navy made that impossible. Even after Bob retired from the navy we moved just as much and again it was not possible, but two years ago he was able to get a job that brought us back to IL and we started looking for land to buy. We found a wonderful bit of land (a little over 5 acres) here just north of Chester, Illinois. The property has a pond and several fenced in pastures that are bordered on 2 sides by State Forest land. When we first arrived, we found that we were not the first goat owners, but were the second. The first owners had raised Boer Goats. The wiring for the fences and the height of the materials on the farm all had to be adjusted. The first problem we had was when three doe ’lings went right through the cattle panel that was installed in one of the pastures. We have since gone over to four inch by four inch, Goat and Sheep wire. As to safety? Well, let’s just say our Great Pyrenees made that an easy problem to fix.


Bob & Kitty Bays
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